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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.



No lies and no county employee manipulation.


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Government Cronyism - My Training and Education (Education Experience) - True life crime scene cleanup adventure story - Los Angeles homicide cleanup and families

An honest County must have a large enough population to support a crime scene cleanup company. Even a quarter million people may not offer enough business to support an honest company. With that said, someone interested in doing business in an honest County might find another way to add to their income. Nothing wrong with add-ons to a crime scene cleanup business to keep the telephone ringing.

Even nationwide there is little hope. I once had telephone numbers plastered across Yahoo in most states and they generated calls. But in 2005 these calls stopped. A few would trickle in over the years and I would go clean in these other states just to keep things going. Just to look for an honest Sheriff coroner. I did not find one.

Death scenes with blood cleanup needs were not so uncommon throughout human history. It was not until blood-borne pathogens became a concern because of needle stick in hospitals and other medical environments that crime scene cleanup became a big deal. What really drove it and Sheriff- corner employees to cheat the public we find in homeowners insurance. Because of homeowners insurance tens of thousands of dollars are made available to County employees and those associated with County employees that would never have been possible.

My Internet work created an Internet crime scene cleanup broker service. I received telephone calls around the clock from around the country. I even received calls from Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Argentina. Of course Los Angeles remain the center of my operations.These days I rarely get calls for any type of blood cleanup work. In fact when I do, it is from a previous client or somebody stumbles across my telephone number from another state. Somehow they get by the corners employees; On holidays and during the summer months when rules are out for vacation I received telephone calls for blood cleanup in Los Angeles County.

Just recently I received a call for an unattended death blood cleanup in orange county. I figure that the orange County corners employees are taking their summer vacations now and that is why got the call. Otherwise, corners employs a quick to refer families in need of blood cleanup to their crony crime scene cleanup friends.


Government Cronyism

For anyone without the time or interest in paying attention to current events, the idea that local employees would take part in cronyism, using their government position for self-enrichment at the cost of taxpayers, well, this would seem like make-believe. For those people I do follow current events they have little doubt, I imagine, in the reality of cronyism in our national government. It only takes some time and thinking from the and figure out that must occur in our County government as well. Give Sheriff-corner employees an opportunity to increase the amount of take-home pay by hundreds of dollars a month, and they will understand.

Keep in mind that Los Angeles's County employees only need to make one telephone call and receive 10% for USD5000 crime scene cleanup to increase their take-home pay by USD500. Not just USD500, but tax-free because nobody's going to write a check to pay off a County employee for referring crime scene victims families to a Los Angeles crime scene cleanup company. (return)




I have lots of experience.

I have cleaned in 24 states. I cleaned a quadruple homicide in Washington DC and took out most of an apartment second floor while doing so. A mother had become intoxicated on crack. So homicide occurred on Sixth Street within view of our nation's capital dome.

The mother had gone berserk, obviously. She started hacking her four daughters to death by first killing the eldest, a 14-year-old girl. And she worked her way down to the youngest, a four-year-old girl. The four-year-old died in a closet. Her left shoe remained and it had blood on it, which I had caked on its tiny shoelaces. From appearances the child had fought mightily to protect herself from her mother's killing five flows. I could see her tiny shoes heel marks on the white, plaster wall just inches above where her shoe had fallen.

By far, this was my largest blood cleanup and also one of the more horrific.

But since then I have cleaned other mass murders with large pools of blood requiring careful blood cleanup techniques. And no, I have not done all of these in Los Angeles.

Education Experience

I trained as a Languard Arts (English) teacher for a few years while working for the Orange County Marshal's Department in Orange County, California. It happened that my skills with computers and word processors, which I used to write lessons, became handy for Internet marketing.

In education I learned just how much we generalize what we learn in one endeavor to another endeavor. In fact, I learned that adults continue to learn even though they make no effort to do so. Although we cannot test for what we do learn because of the complexity of learning process our subject matter, researchers have shown that adults experience at least seven learning outcomes each year. Now take for me seven experiences for learning and see how they will generalize to other areas of life.

We are definitely the learning animal.

. (return)


Training and Education

Much of my cleaning education and training I gained while living and working in Los Angeles County. From Williams I took three carpet cleaning classes and one upholstery class. His classes were good.

I attended classes in Orange County held by out of state schools for house inspection and carpet inspection. I've practiced neither, but the information comes in handy in my crime scene cleanup work. Mostly, though I learned my cleaing business in Los Angeles County.

I keep a Los Angeles crime scene cleanup school (http://www.crime-scene-cleanup-school.com/) school web site handy to help remind myself about cleaning. I also use this school to help others learn about Los Angeles county's sheriff-coroner fraud.

It took some time to get over bad feelings about cronyism in sheriff-coroner departments across the United States. I did get over it; when word got out about the climate deception dossiers, I saw that the coroner fruad should have been expected. It turns out that organizations offering individuals and small groups an opportunity to enrich themselves leads to just that -- self-enrichment.



A True Life Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup Story

Time and again I have learned from my travel experiences that Los Angeles offers the best blood cleanup environments that I can find. Not just the weather, but Los Angeles's infrastructure helps get blood cleanup done much more efficiently than in other states.

For example, in states like Louisiana, Georgia, and even in West Virginia and Maryland, narrow roads create driving hazards and slow down the resupply routine. In Los Angeles we have broad roads, Home Depot on just about every corner it seems, and is plenty of places to eat.

And we have our weather. There is nothing worse than doing it blood cleanup and high humidity. Humidity just sucks the energy out of me. It also causes drying to slow in that becomes a real problem when it is time to apply Zinnsser B-I-N for ceiling blood cleanup areas.

On one job I traveled north to just south of San Francisco. There I had been hired to clean a factory office in which a homicide had occurred. Management had arranged for my arrival on the Saturday morning following the murder. The only employees were one male working a forklift in a far off corner of the factory, and one security guard.

Overall the job took me seven hours. Because of the blood splatter to the ceiling, a rotating ceiling fan that splattered blood on all four walls, desk, computer equipment, and the floor, my energy levels plummeted by the time I got the job done. You see, with this type of blood cleanup it is hard to take a break. To take a break a cleaner must cleanup. In this case I would had to leave the factory and find a place to eat. In this case I would had the trouble the security guard. In fact, the security guard had gone home and been replaced by another. So I had him seeing the second security guard and he had not seen me. He knew only that I was cleaning and in the building.

Meanwhile the forklift driver had also gone home about the time the sun went down. The factory had grown very dark.

As I finished my work and slowly carried my cleaning equipment out of the office and toward the third floor elevator, I thought I overheard somebody talking. "No," in the been the security guard because she was alone. I ignored the voices, perhaps they were part of my imagination at this point of the day, and I did not really care now.

I returned to the office than claim the rest of my equipment. This I headed out toward the elevator with both hands encumbered. In one hand I carried a Home Depot orange bucket by the handle. In the other I carried a vacuum hose. I walked to the elevator and placed my load next to my other equipment. Suddenly the elevator door opened and out stepped two large males. Neither said anything and walked through the hallway in the direction of the office I had just clean.

I move my equipment into the elevator and made my way to the first floor, out the building door into the parking lot. I needed to check out was security before leaving the job so on my return I stopped by the security office. There I spoke with the security officer and pass some time, and just happened to mention need to visitors on the third floor,

"Whoa!" He uttered.

"You mean to tell me that somebody walked up there under the third floor and toward that muddy office?"


With my reply he looked at me and his eyes bugged out. He said nobody is supposed to be in this building and nobody can go in that office, which came is news to me because I just assumed that the officer at length the men. Weakly he dialed 911 on his security office phone and reported a "break in" and the possibility of violent intruders.

I remained at the security office with the security officer until the local police arrived. They waited for reinforcements and made their way up the building and then spread out through the building for a security check. What they learned was that the homicide perpetrators set actually returned to the crime scene. They were in search of what we later learned was a large cache of drugs stashed in the janitors room next to the homicide scene.

Now I sometimes wonder what would have happened had I been up there and working and they decided to bug me.Crime scene cleanup and factories as other hazards.

In another factory not so far from Sacramento a homicide occurred in a darkened stairwell and abandon pickle factory. The owner had hired me because I bid lower than the high price monopolized crime scene cleanup companies and he was happy to leave me in the building alone. In this factory there was no running water and no electricity.

I cleaned for two days. On the first day I began early because I needed the light and I worked until sunset. On the second day I worked in the early afternoon and believed I would be out of there before twilight. As it turned out I slipped and fell on the stairwell and knocked myself unconscious. This was not the first time that I did a crime scene cleanup job and suffered an injury. But this was the first crime scene cleanup job I had worked in a totally abandon building and had no way of reaching anybody; worse, I had dropped my phone cannot find it in the dark to call for help when I became conscious.

It took me over an hour of stumbling about the find my telephone. By this time I had recovered well enough to leave the crime scene cleanup scene and prepare for my return the next day. What made this job especially disappointing was that I had to rent a motel room for the second night. Plus I was banged up, nauseated, and the last thing I wanted to do was to return to crime scene cleanup scene to remove my cleaning equipment when all's I needed was a good flashlight the previous night.

Returning during the night was not an option for me. The building had too many hazards. In fact there were large holes in the buildings floors large enough for a man to fall through. I surmise that at one time these holes were used as pipe systems.

I found the room, had a good night sleep, and woke up was bruises and an extremely stiff neck. At first light I made my way to the factory and recovered covered my equipment.

Crime scene cleanup has its hazards and I am probably not the first crime scene cleaner in Los Angeles to come across homicide perpetrators on the job. From another factory cleanup following the accidental death of a concrete cutting employee, I learned the value of having a coworker handy, even as a safety measure alone. When it comes to crime scene cleanup there is any number of accidents that may occur.

Los Angeles homicide cleanup and families

Los Angeles homicide detectives are sometimes overworked. Gang details often lead to cynical attitudes by Los Angeles County homicide detectives, I have notice. It cannot be easy. I am led to believe that by the time they question family members the family members have become more depressed.

Los Angeles crime scene cleanup for families becomes much harder when the family remains in the home. When they remain in the living room sitting on a sofa or in the kitchen around the kitchen table, and I must work in a bedroom or bathroom cleaning, coming and going is awkward at best. It is time like this the crime scene cleanup never pays enough. There is nothing to say and nothing that can be said. Just get it done in get out in the most businesslike manner possible.

A sewage cleanup job in Los Angeles County sometimes follows or precedes a crime scene cleanup. This happens when the victim's body fluids become mixed with sewage from an overflowing toilet. Jobs like this cause crime scene cleanup to reach new heights of horrific cleaning. Of course, from a professional attitude, we should expect this sort of situation because it does happen.

I expect that in the near future as the Los Angeles River becomes more open and accessible to the public, individuals and families, we will see more crime scene cleanup occurring in new and unexpected conditions.

Also, Los Angeles County has a population now separated and isolated by over 100 languages. Some 12 million people now live in the county. The County does not have enough water to sustain itself in a major earthquake or loss of the California aqueduct. You will see what this means for civil disruption throughout the county.






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